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 “Small solution for a big impact”

Our organization’s expertise is to assist your business to be pronounced sound in conservation in food & environmental safety; this is a pragmatic stand point in sustainability.  This approach secures and promotes your branding, reputation, image, and increases sales. 


Harness the power of GreenROI to cultivate deep relationships with your clients/customers and your business partners.  Become outstanding and stand out in your industry and the marketplace.  We all know at an intellectual level why the importance of sustainable businesses but let's discuss case studies.  


GreenROI workshops is an AIA continuing educational course that were presented at many organizations including at convention centers from Manhattan to Houston at dozens of Construction Expos, Build Expos, New York/New Jersey Port Authority, Green Building Associations, DPC Associates, Vivid Learning, and at private settings.  


Workshops:  GreenROI, Food Print, Seed-to-Landfill, and building safety

      You intend to give back because you are socially responsible but let us also be pragmatic

      Your organization’s image and your reputation is important to you

      You have the desire and we'll provide you with the knowhow

      Seed-to-Landfill (Latest Article)


We demystify the process of sustainability

Do not make a choice between being profitable/saving resources and caring for your environment.  Save money, increase your profit and create yourself a robust corporate image and reputation by our concrete process.  Your actions will result in a marketing campaign with a substantial return on your investment.


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